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Deep Creek Lake, Maryland Webcams & Weather

Live from Deep Creek Lake!

Check in on Deep Creek Lake any time with our live streaming webcams!

Watch live and see what’s happening on the lake in real-time! This webcam is positioned at the very popular Lakeside Creamery and Copper Kettle Popcorn Factory and offers views of Deep Creek LakeDeep Creek Lake State Park, the Glendale Road Bridge, and more!


Get an up-close view of live conditions at Wisp Resort! This webcam is positioned at The Greene Turtle Deep Creek Lake and shows Wisp Resort, including a zoomed-in view of Squirrel Cage, The Face, the terrain park, Boulder, the mountain coaster, the tubing park and a shot of McHenry Cove at Deep Creek Lake!


Deep Creek Lake Weather

The weather at Deep Creek Lake and throughout Garrett County, Maryland, can be much different than even nearby areas! The mountain climate of Garrett County provides a totally different weather pattern for Deep Creek. The elevation in McHenry and Deep Creek Lake is roughly 2400 ft above sea level, with the top of Wisp Resort peaking around 2900 ft above sea level. Just to compare to nearby cities, Baltimore, MD, is roughly 480 ft above sea level, and Pittsburgh, PA, peaks around 1300 ft above sea level. The difference in elevation means that the weather in Deep Creek is generally cooler, with less humidity in the summer, and a lot more snow in the winter! Surrounded by mountains, storms in the summer will often dissipate before they reach Garrett County. Conversely, in the winter, storms tend to ramp up as they hit the mountains, and rain/sleet changes to fluffy snow. Weather in the mountains of Deep Creek Lake is what makes it special! Garrett County was a tourist destination long before Deep Creek Lake was created in 1925. Trains running from cities into Oakland, MD, and Mountain Lake Park, MD, would bring city dwellers into the mountains to escape the summer heat. Remember - there wasn't any electricity! Traveling to a cooler climate in the summer was the best way to beat the heat! Once the lake was built in 1925, vacationing at Deep Creek became the most fun way to cool off in the warm summer months. Once Wisp Resort opened, vacationers could enjoy all that the weather of Deep Creek Lake had to offer!

Deep Creek Lake Water Temperature

Much like the weather itself, the water temperature at Deep Creek Lake fluctuates throughout the year. The water temperature ranges from 72-78 degrees during July, August, and early September. The lake itself is fed by several creeks, which keeps constant cold streams flowing into the water. The lake itself warms up as the outside temperatures steadily increase. Remember - the mountain climate means that Deep Creek doesn't hit steady summer temps until the end of June or July! In May, the water temperature is generally in the mid to low 60s. It can feel cold when you jump in, but feels great on a hot day! By Memorial Day Weekend, the water temperature should be between 65-70 degrees. The water remains cooler in June as the weather keeps a cooler edge in the evenings. As a rule of thumb (except for late summer), the water temperature at Deep Creek Lake is usually 10 degrees behind the average high for the air temperature for the month. When September hits, the water will actually be warmer than the outside air - it's the perfect time for early morning wakesurfing, waterskiing, tubing, or kayaking! The water temperature for Deep Creek Lake will drop back down into the 60s when October hits, and will continue to cool down through the winter. Depending on the air temperature and precipitation, the lake itself will usually begin to freeze in December, and is typically solid ice for January, February, and most of March. The ice starts breaking up with the spring season rain and warmer temps.