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Our agent is illustrative of how a professional real estate agent should REALLY perform. We tried to sell our farm for 7 years with abysmal results; bordering on ludicrous. EVERY local realty company (there were many) produced no results. None. Not one potential buyer was brought to us. None. One unnamed agency listed our beautiful farm with magnificent barns, a solid and comfortable house, and a massive infrastructure, as "VACANT LAND".

Our agent, from the very first meeting, was highly motivated, honest, knowledgeable, highly organized, extremely communicative, and of high moral character. Our agent provided a steady stream of potential buyers; allowing us to actually choose the best new owners to preserve and protect the farm. Finally, in contrast, all of the other agencies and their agents tried to convince us to sell the farm for less than half the asking price. Our agent closed the sale at our asking price, all within mere months.

29 January 2024, 15:49 PM

Rachel was always responsive, good help, all the time! Even with all my questions!

25 January 2024, 16:42 PM

What more can be said than Jon did a fantastic job!

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25 January 2024, 16:41 PM

He sold 4 houses in 5 weeks!

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25 January 2024, 16:30 PM

Excellent Experience listing our property with Jon Bell. Very Professional and provided solid advice during our sales negotiations.

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25 January 2024, 16:28 PM

Nina was exactly as advertised. I was expecting someone direct and would get things done. I am grateful that was what we found. We did take liberties on our selection of Banks and property managers. She was professional and did not push us hard towards one way.  I would not mind going with Nina and Railey again!

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25 January 2024, 16:20 PM

Zach was very easy to work with and I felt he guided us through the process well!

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25 January 2024, 16:16 PM

Elizabeth did a great job in finding listings and working to set up visits. We were thrilled to work with Elizabeth and Happy to own a home in Deep Creek!

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25 January 2024, 16:06 PM

I was impressed that he was on vacation and still able to communicate with me. We had a very good experience with Steven! Thank you!

25 January 2024, 16:00 PM

I've worked with Jesse for about 1.5 years looking at several parcels of land. The Deal had many issues, mainly financial, but Jesse was very helpful in finding a way through. He always had the time to answer our questions and provide insight.

25 January 2024, 15:56 PM
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