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Top Things to Do in February at Deep Creek Lake

We’re right in the heart of our winter season here at Deep Creek Lake! While we’re still holding our breath for a big snow storm this year, we’ve been very fortunate to have plenty of snow and cool temps. The ski conditions have been perfect with lots of fresh and man-made snow, too. February is home to some of our favorite winter events and [...]

Top Things to Do in January at Deep Creek Lake

Frozen Muddy Creek Swallow Falls Deep Creek Lake

Winter is off to a slow start - but never fear - cold weather and snow are on their way! We've had almost 20 inches of snow so far this year and we expect to see a foot or more fall in January. The Weather Channel has predicted temps to be 'well below average' for the rest of our winter season, which means even if we don't get natural snow, [...]

Top 3 Winter Hikes to Take at Deep Creek Lake

Swallow Falls Park in Winter

Don't let winter weather keep you indoors! Deep Creek Lake and Garrett County, Maryland turn into a magical winter wonderland during the cooler months. Even if there's not snow on the ground, it's always nice to get some fresh mountain air! Usually by December, Muddy Creek Falls is covered in stunning ice as the rushing river water freezes. [...]