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Blog :: 02-2010

Deep Creek Lake Area Nearing All Time Snow Record

Garrett County Snow Totals

Garrett County Maryland and the Deep Creek Lake area has received about 225 inches of snowfall this winter season according to the State Highway Association. The all time record is right around 230 inches. The heavy amounts of snow started falling on Saturday, February 6th, 2010 - about 40 inches that day - and it hasn't really stopped since [...]

Fractional Ownership at Deep Creek – A Smart, Responsible, Alternative Way to Own a Vacation Home

The current economic climate has forced many of us to realign our priorities.  Conspicuous consumption is clearly out; sustainable, “green” living with smaller carbon footprints a growing awareness. So how does one reconcile the desire to own a second home or vacation real estate at Deep Creek Lake with the need to be socially responsible?  There is a [...]