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A Few Important Considerations When Buying LakeFront Property

If you are thinking about purchasing a lakefront home for sale or real estate at Deep Creek Lake there are some very important things to pay attention to during the buying process.

The Setting and Lake Frontage

First and foremost, it's important to understand that not all lakefront lots and parcels at Deep Creek Lake were created equally - some are level, some are flat - some have lots of trees that block the view from the house, some have wide open expansive views of the lake - some are very private, some the neighbor's house is very close - some have good water depth most of the year, some are tucked back at the end of cove and have no water depth after Labor Day each year - some have 100 feet of frontage which is the norm, some have between 50 and 100 feet of frontage, and some have 200 feet or more of frontage.

Obviously the homes and lots that are mostly flat, have wide open lake views, have more than 100 feet of frontage, and are private will cost you more. But the good news is that the ones with the premium settings have shown a tendency in the past to appreciate better in the long run. 

Everyone's preference to setting is different -and there will probably be trade-offs that you need to be make along the way - but when you are looking at a lakefront house just keep one little thought in the back of your mind - you can always change the house but you can't change the setting.

Boat Dock Type

Most lakefront home and properties around Deep Creek Lake have a Type A Dock. What in the heck is a Type A dock you ask? Well, it's simply the designation placed on the dock structure and permit provided by the Maryland DNR. A Type A dock is allowed to have 2 power boats and 1 non-power boat moored at it.

The lakefront homes and lots that don't qualify for Type A docks will usually have access to a deeded boat slip in a Common Boat Dock somewhere in the neighborhood. You will usually see these advertised as having a Single Slip. These common docks are not private though - meaning you are usually sharing it with a few neighbors and the prices for these types of properties are usually a little less overall than those with a private dock.

Believe it or not there are actually a few lakefront homes and lots around the lake that don't qualify for either a Type A dock or have a deeded boat slip - but these are few and far between.

Buy-Down Parcel

Take note of whether the property you are looking at has acquired the Buy-Down parcel from the state of Maryland or not. You can't do much with the Buy-Down other than say you own a little more property - but there a few benefits to owning it - 1. You can get what they call “relaxed” standards if applying for a zoning variance and 2. if you are on a septic field and it fails, you can apply to the state to get permission to extend your drain field in to this parcel. So overall there is some benefit and value to owning the Buy Down parcel.


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