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Railey Realty's Top Tips for Preparing Your Home to Sell

With summer just around the corner, the Deep Creek Lake real estate market will start seeing new listings come on to the market. Summer is a busy time at the lake across the board and we’re expecting a hot summer for real estate based off this year’s trends. If you’re considering selling your home, we have several great tips to help your home make the best possible first impression.  

Contact an Agent First

Of course, the #1 step will always be to contact an experienced real estate agent (we have plenty!), because they know not only what helps a home sell, but they’re also very in touch with what buyers are looking for in a home. Having that expert eye in your home before you make any changes can not only save you time and money on unnecessary projects, but they can potentially point out flaws or issues that you may not have noticed. It may be tempting to put money into a big upgrade, but it’s possible that you won’t get your return on that particular investment. Your agent can help you decide which projects are worth your time and which ones are best left to the new owners. 

Clean House, Literally

A big part of a buyer’s initial perception of your home is whether or not they can envision themselves living there. Their ability to do this relies a lot on how you as the seller present the home. Decluttering is a necessary evil for both primary and secondary homes. Your end goal is to eventually move out of the house anyway, so starting the process early will save you time later, especially if the buyer can swing a quick closing date. Easy first steps are to take down photographs, knick-knacks, and clear off all counter/desk/dresser tops. This is also a benefit for the real estate photographer, and will give your home a good virtual impression. If you’re planning on selling the furniture in addition to the house, it’s very important to tag, or better yet, remove anything that will not convey. While furniture or decorations can add to the ambiance of a home, it’s better to remove the temptation from the start than to confuse buyers later.

Freshen Up Your Curb Appeal

Even if your home is at the dead end of a private lane, curb appeal is very important for buyers and their first impression. Spending money to add or freshen up existing landscaping can help your home seem more ‘move in ready.’ For a buyer, each thing that you’ve already done, is one less thing they have to consider doing in addition to purchasing. If your home is well-maintained inside and out, it’s one more advantage you could have over other homes on the market. A sometimes overlooked part of curb appeal can be grass cutting, but trust us, wading through tall grass is not enjoyable for a buyer or their agent. After all, you want the buyer to focus on the house, not an out of control garden or yard.

Consider Repainting

While it may seem a little off trend to you, that carefully selected shade of periwinkle may be distracting to buyers. Neutral colors are always your friend when it comes to making your home more appealable. And we know what you’re thinking, “If they don’t like the color, they’ll just repaint it anyway.” It’s easy to fall into the whirpool of assuming that any changes that need made, the new owner can do. While this is definitely true for some things, you never know what kind of taste or preference any given buyer will have. It’s much easier to see a beige wall and envision a sunny yellow room than to try to picture a bright pink room as anything else. In relation to many other projects, painting is a cheaper solution to appease more buyers.

Tackle Nagging Problems

Most homes have small imperfections that you’ve most likely just learned to live with. The screen door doesn’t latch or lock. The light bulb in the pantry burned out. There’s a lot we’re willing to put up with in our own homes. For a buyer, though, all of these small problems are constant ticks against your home in their mind. They’re viewing your house for the first time, and you want that experience to be as seamless and problem free as possible. Check all of your light bulbs, screens in windows, doors, steps, and any other area that may have had some wear and tear and fix any issues. If your agent suggests you replace any bigger items, such as doors or windows, it’s just an added bonus that your home now has.

The highest priority, of course, is selling your home at the highest price in the shortest amount of time. By doing relatively simple fixes early on, your home can stand out right off the bat. Having one of our agents inspect your home with selling in mind can help you prioritize any and all the issues they may see with your home. If you’re thinking about selling, call or click for your complimentary market analysis!

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