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Moonshadow Reopens at Deep Creek Lake

 Back and better than ever, Moonshadow has officially reopened in a brand new location on Bumble Bee Road! Originally in downtown Accident, Moonshadow quickly became a local favorite. Opting for health-conscious options like grass-fed beef and air-fried French fries gave Moonshadow a fresh new spin to compete with the chain restaurants. They also hosted live music most weekends, too! When the opportunity presented itself, Moonshadow owner Lisa Jan purchased the old Jearbryo’s on Bumble Bee Road, and they’ve been hard at work for several months preparing to move Moonshadow into the heart of McHenry.

Moonshadow’s new location is more central to the entire county, but especially to those in the lake area, making it that much more accessible and convenient. In the new building you’ll find a masterfully remodeled interior, featuring a light-filled front dining area and an incredible back bar room. The unique copper bar and wood accents create a rustic, industrial feel, which adds to the overall Moonshadow experience. The raised stage offers more room for performers and a better view for those watching. They plan to have live performances there as much as possible, so make sure to check their Facebook or website for event updates!

Moonshadow Restaurant Deep Creek Lake 

Now to the good stuff: the food. Health-centric establishments often have the misconception that they’re solely vegan or vegetarian and that their food is more healthy than tasty. And while their menu certainly has plenty of options for vegans, we’ll be the first to set the record straight…Moonshadow has a pretty mean bacon cheeseburger. And onion rings. So while quality food and whole ingredients are the first part of the equation, there’s no lack of flavor or variety. The menu often has locally grown produce, too! Head Chef Jason Fickes has created a new, insanely delicious menu you’ll just have to try for yourself.

If you’ve been to Moonshadow in the past, you’ll absolutely love the new location and menu! If you’ve wanted to try it out, there’s no better time than the present.  Whether you’re looking for a fun night out to live music or a quick and delicious lunch, Moonshadow should be on your list. 

Moonshadow Restaurant Deep Creek Lake

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