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Smoke Detector Law to Take Effect in 2018

Starting in January of 2018, all homes and buildings will be required to have 10-year, sealed smoke detectors. These lithium-powered alarms are sealed and are made with a hush feature, which allows the alarm to be quieted without removing the battery. Retailers throughout the state are permitted to sell the standard smoke detectors until 2018, however, stores will most likely begin stocking more sealed detectors as the new year approaches. 

If your home is currently for sale or you're considering listing your home for sale in the near future, you will need to have the updated smoke detectors installed in your home before a sale could be completed. It would be in your best interest to replace them as soon as you can or when you would normally change the batteries (daylight savings time for most people). Even if your home is not for sale, it's still a good idea to update your current smoke detectors to comply with current Maryland law. Afterall, the premise of the 10-year sealed detectors is that you'll no longer need to worry about remembering to change the batteries or have the 'low battery' chirping for 10 years. 

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